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Today's evening is time to kick-off the first round out of the ESL 5on5 Winter Europe League. We face Slovak Republic GORILA BIZNIS at 20:00 CET in a best-of-three map choices. Our last encounter we mad at the Y-Games 2016 Summer Challenge, where we did a tied.


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written by admin - 09.10.2016 - 16:01

NewsCSGO  MSR 2016 vs. eStars
Group B 3rd match against Czech Republic eStars

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written by admin - 01.10.2016 - 14:59

NewsCSGO  MSR 2016 vs. RoG.eXtatus
Group B contuined with second match against Czech Republic RoG.eXtatus

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written by admin - 01.10.2016 - 13:56

NewsCSGO  MSR 2016 vs. Frostbite
Group B begins with the first match against Czech Republic Frostbite*

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written by admin - 01.10.2016 - 10:17

NewsCSGO  MSR 2016
MSR the biggest offline compedition have been started. The event gathering beside CS:GO - DotA2, LoL, Hearthstone, Rocket League, FIFA on XBOX, Killer Instinct and a cosplay contest. Groupstage for the games have been live drawn and ahead to CS:GO we're in the Group B. Group B gathering Czech Republic RoG.eXtatus, Czech Republic eStars and Czech Republic Frostbite.
Amount of the teams it has been split into 8 teams and the first two groups get just 4 teams. Around 38 CS:GO teams here from the Czech RepublicCzech Republic and the Slovak Republic Slovak Republic.

First match against Czech Republic eStars skipped and instead we're playing against Czech Republic Frostbite.

Check our coverage for the MSR 2016 Autumn, we will updated as soon we got all informations like lineups and live streams:
MSR 2016 Autumn Coverage
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written by admin - 30.09.2016 - 18:46

NewsCSGO  Sponsorship Amway thwarted
A week ago, we we're greeted by Amway - a company that specializes in medical products. Czech Republic Radek Joneš contacted us and as he said he are the leader from Amway Czech Republic. He proof to 100% that he would to offer a financially sponsorship for our CS:GO team included our Team-Manager APTEM. Much excitement but unfortunately nothing behind. Lately we found out the big disaster, that he betrayed us and try to scam us. The team was sure he had real intentions but he bluffing and some gamers of the team thought he not even a member of the Amway company. Indeed we have luck that we have our Team-Manager APTEM who drawn some contacts and could speak with the real PR-Manager for the Slovak Republic and Czech Republic - Filip Moravec.

Czech Republic Filip Moravec: Dear Sir, person of this name is registered at our company. Best regards, Filip Moravec PR Amway Czech Republic.

We warn also every to meet with this guy, Radek Jokeš, 23 years old from Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic.
Steamlink: http://steamcommunity.com/id/tiscalinipampalini
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written by admin - 19.09.2016 - 11:19

NewsCSGO  Steam's server online
Momentary shut down of the services from Valve who designed the sell and gaming platform Steam.
It was established in the night from 13th of September until 14th of September. Valve Corporation has to shut down their services for a while due to DDoS attack and to be force a new update which applies to protect his practitioner.
FaceIT one of the leading online platform for eSports games have to announced yesterday that they have resumed his services from Steam and all gameserver's again online and can be used.
If some one else had wondered why their server are shutting down, that was the reason.
Since today's morning may all gameserver's have to work again and the Valve Inc. apologizes for the inconvenience.
Also if some gameserver don't work yet, you should have to control your Token and generate a new one - it could be possible that your old Token have been damaged.
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written by admin - 15.09.2016 - 13:03

NewsCSGO  ESL vs. nVision eSportz
After we passed the first three rounds successfully, we meet today another german countrypart Germany nVsion eSportz.
Today's victory will decide who save a spot in the Major League.
They belongs to be a better team as our previous enemy, so enjoy a touch match.

read more ZORN vs. nVision

Update: Regrettably we couldn't save the spot and finished as 33th.
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written by admin - 30.08.2016 - 20:12

NewsCSGO  ESL vs. myGamelife
Today we have to face up against the germans in round three. Germany myGamelife are old veterans from the german eSports scene, something from CS:Source and CS 1.6 also nothing special. We looking forward for a good and enjoying gameplay.

read more ZORN vs. myGamelife

Update: With a 2:1 we could bring the win at home.

Afterwards myGamelife has not the courage to add the match on their website, such a bad loser.
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written by admin - 23.08.2016 - 17:50

NewsCSGO  Quietus Day 2016 - Report
Quietus Day 12 LAN Tourney
19/8/2016 - On the first day after the team just has arrived, they are just still installed the computers and to recover from the journey to prepare for tomorrow. Tomorrow will be touch hard matchday to strike up seven matches in a row.

20/8/2016 - The second day starts early at 9.00 a.m. against Czech Republic Buchtelaren and following up to Czech Republic eSuba, Czech Republic ReVeaL, Slovak Republic BlombYi, Czech Republic THD and Czech Republic NecroRaisers in the first groupstage. The groupstage splitted into four and we are in the first group.

ZORN Gaming [12:16] Buchtelaren
ZORN Gaming [8:16] eSuba
ZORN Gaming [16:6] ReVeaL
ZORN Gaming [16:10] BlombYi
ZORN Gaming [16:10] THD
ZORN Gaming [6:16] NecroRaisers

The winner from group three have to face up against us in the winner bracket and it is no others as Czech Republic InsideGames.

ZORN Gaming [2:16]

21/8/2016 - Final day we face up into the looser bracket against Slovak Republic ECLOT Gaming.

ZORN Gaming [8:16] ECLOT Gaming

1. Place Czech Republic eSuba
2. Place Slovak Republic ECLOT Gaming
3. Place Czech Republic eEriness
4. Place Czech Republic InsideGames
5. Place Czech Republic NecroRaisers
6. Place Slovak Republic Majestic Lions
7. Place Czech Republic eStars
8. Place Czech Republic Gunrunners
9. Place Czech Republic Zero Damage
10. Place Slovak Republic Team Universe
11. Place Czech Republic Medaile nebo život
12. Place Czech Republic EGO.UP
13. Place Czech RepublicSlovak Republic OLDbutGOLD
14. Place Slovak Republic ZORN Gaming
15. Place Czech Republic Buchtelaren
16. Place Slovak RepublicCzech Republic Degustátori

All other teams who are not listed here, failing to qualify for the playoffs.

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written by admin - 20.08.2016 - 08:12

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ZORN Gaming.
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